Throughout my academic career, I have taught or tutored the entire theory core curriculum. The following are classes that I have taught along with syllabi for each. 

Eastman Teaching Experience

TH101: Model composition and tonal analysis I 

Supervisor: Seth Monahan 

Syllabus/Class Schedule

TH102: model composition and Tonal analysis II

Supervisor: Elizabeth Marvin 

Syllabus/Class Schedule


Th161: Aural musicianship I

Supervisors: William Marvin and Ted Goldman

Syllabus/Class Schedule (Goldman)

Syllabus/Class Schedule (Marvin) 

Th162: Aural musicianship II

Supervisor: Ted Goldman and Matt Curlee

Syllabus/Class Schedule (Goldman)

Syllabus/Class Schedule (Curlee)

TH205: Model Composition and non-tonal analysis 

*Winner of Eastman School of Music Teaching Assistant Prize for Excellence in Teaching for work during this class*

Supervisor: Zachary Bernstein

Syllabus/Class Schedule

Sample Handout on Inversional Hexachordal Combinatoriality 

Tutoring experience

TH101i  – Intensive (Remedial) Model Composition and Tonal Analysis I 

TH102i  – Intensive (Remedial) Model Composition and Tonal Analysis II

TH161i  – Intensive (Remedial) Aural Musicianship I 

TH162i  – Intensive (Remedial) Aural Musicianship II

TH201 – Model Composition and Tonal Analysis III

TH202 – Model Composition and Tonal Analysis IV

TH261 – Aural Musicianship III

TH262 – Aural Musicianship IV

Pennsylvania State University Teaching Experience

Music 121: Basic musicianship I 

Supervisors: Maureen Carr (Coordinator) & Tom Cody (Teaching Supervisor)