My research in music theory pedagogy has largely focused on the pedagogical use of technology and interactive media, encouraging the development of writing and transferrable skills within the classroom, and finding ways to integrate music history with music theory.

Conference Papers

The Rest is Noise: A Modular, Historically Integrated Approach to Post-Tonal Pedagogy (Co-authored with amy fleming) (Handout 1) (Handout 2

  • This work draws on Alex Ross's book, The Rest is Noise in order to develop a historically contextual post-tonal curriculum that integrates theory/analysis, history, ear-training, and writing into a unified framework in which the music rather than the analytical tools drive the curriculum. The goal is to present a curriculum flexible enough to work at a variety of institutions and for a variety of experience levels. One crucial benefit of this approach is that it can be easily adapted to work with non-majors and even non-musicians. 
  • Pedagogy into Practice: Teaching Music Theory in the Twenty-First Century, Cleveland, TN (2017) 

Works in Progress

Iphone application for tonal ear training 

  • Guided Bass Dictation
  • Melodic dictation practice with practical advice
  • Harmonic dictation practice

Iphone application for post-tonal ear training

  • Trichord dictation practice with practical advice
  • Melodic dictation practice 
  • Progressive intervallic ear training
  • Interval class identification practice